Personalized Yoga Classes
with Petrina

Taking a private yoga class is a valuable tool, especially if you are interested in deepening your practice, developing a home practice that is designed for your needs, if you are dealing with health issues, and when group classes don't suit you or your schedule.

Therapeutic class
can help you develop a practice that is vital, appropriate for you and respectful of your body's issues.
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Letters from my students

I have studied with Petrina for almost 10 years now. I have scoliosis and have been experiencing back pain and headaches often. When I layed flat on the floor, my back was so rounded that I needed 2 blankets to support my head. I noticed that after the first few sessions I was pain free for long periods of time and I started to feel stronger and less stressed out. With Petrina's compassionate and expert guidance I feel better now in my 50's than when I was a teenager.
-Robert R.

Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain. I am a piano teacher, and have to stay in the same sitting position for hours every day. This resulted in chronic pain in my shoulders and a sliding disk in the lower back. I knew that I needed to do some exercises, but because of pain, couldn't do much. I tried yoga before, but didn't really like it. With your sessions it was different. I completely trusted your guidance and expertise because with every pose i could feel myself getting better and stronger.
- Victoria P.

Taking yoga classes with Petrina has been a blessing. She has guided me to find ways to move my body to release tensions and build strength, things that I can now do on my own at home. With practice, this has become easier and I have learned to be more in tune with my own state of being, physically and spiritually. Furthermore, Petrina always reminds me to practice not just for myself, but for the benefit of all sentient beings, especially the ones that are the closest to me and the ones I feel challenged by.
- Maya A.

If the sailboat was my physical body and the wind was the energy moving within me, practicing yoga with Petrina has helped me to "tack better into the wind", no matter how light or strong, living my life with more ease and clarity.
- Jackie U.

Your investment: sliding scale.
One-on-one, family or a small group of friends in your home or our studio