Petrina Plecko


Petrina was first introduced to yoga at the age of 16 in her native Slovenia. About 10 years later, her career as a professional modern dancer and choreographer in Europe was ended by injuries from a car accident. As part of her healing journey, she (re)discovered yoga, meditation (Shambhala and Vipassana), and healing arts, specially healing with food. Before becoming a full time yoga teacher and therapist 15 years ago she has studied and practiced shiatsu, and taught eastern and western approach to nutrition at the Gulliver’s Institute (now Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and worked as a private chef and holistic culinary coach for several years. Yes, she is a foodie and a passionate gardener.
She honors the Krishnamacharya lineage of yoga, and is deeply grateful to her most influential teachers: Nancy Gilgoff (Ashtanga - studying with her in Maui was life changing), Mary Sinclair (Iyengar), John Friend and Desiree Rumbaugh (Anusara Yoga), Eric Schiffman, Nateshvar Ken Scott (with whom she has completed Contact Yoga and DansKinetics teacher training), to Rodney Yee, David Swanson and Shiva Rea for the incredible guidance through the advanced vinyasa yoga teacher training, and Sarah Powers (Yin and Insight Yoga). There are others, including her students, who continuously remind her of the power of studying and practicing the wisdom traditions and applying the teachings to be better Earth's citizens. 

What her students say:

So nice to take your class yesterday! Not only was it a wonderful sequence of postures, but
the group that was there felt like such a beautiful reflection of the goodness you attract and the lovely community i am so blessed to be a part of... I know i'm gushing a bit, but i really do feel that way!
- Amy D.

I'ts hard to believe that I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years. There is no doubt that Petrina is one of the best teachers I have ever had! Petrina transforms me, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I like to come back to her classes because she is fun, funny, self-effacing, talented and beautiful, and I always learn something new.
We are all very lucky to have Petrina share her abilities, knowledge and compassion with us! It's your loss if you don't experience one of her classes!" 
- Loretta Knauer Davis (a good judge...of yoga classes) 

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